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Prophet Burton S. Sherbert
senior pastor of ktorMD

Prophet and Pastor, Burton Sherbert, is founder of Kingdom Tabernacle of Refuge Ministries, Inc. a growing ministry located in Upper Marlboro, MD. Prophet Sherbert, travels throughout the country preaching and prophesying the Word of the Lord with razor-sharp accuracy and zeal. Affectionately known as “Elijah,” Dr. Annette McGuire Kenon likened him to the biblical prophet by noting, “….he has the spiritual eyes of the eagle-eyed Prophet Elijah.”

As a child, Prophet Sherbert had many gifts. He played the keyboard, sung and directed the choir, but he always knew God had more for him. At the age of 15, Prophet Sherbert discerned God’s call while watching Dr. Iona Locke as she preached from the Book of Samuel. Dr. Locke stated there were some Samuels in hiding and it was at that moment the Prophet Sherbert knew he was called. After his Spirit bore witness with the message of Dr. Iona Locke, Prophet Sherbert told his grandmother that he had been called to preach to which she answered "okay." A week later his grandmother became ill and she asked him to pray for her while she was standing in the hallway. His delayed response caused her to recant her request as she was testing him. Two weeks later his grandmother became ill again, but this time she did not have to ask for prayer because Prophet Sherbert walked into his grandmother’s room and prayed for her without delay. It was at that moment that his grandmother acknowledged his calling by saying, "Whatever God has called you to do, you have my blessing."

At the age of 17, Prophet Sherbert began preaching. He received his early training at the Greater Bible Way Church under the leadership of the late Bishop Joseph N. Brown. Bishop Brown quickly noticed Burton’s eagerness to learn and his musical ability so he put the young prophet’s talents to use. Sherbert served in the church’s music department as one of the director’s of the Youth for Christ Choir. He later went on to receive his Christian education from the well respected Washington Bible College and Capital Bible Seminary.


In the year 2000, God called Prophet Sherbert to assist in the planting of a church in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Whole Heart Deliverance Temple was a fast growing, cutting-edge ministry and Prophet Sherbert was the first Ordained Elder. He was the Praise & Worship Leader, Director of the Whole Heart Chorale, Church Administrator, and a mighty Evangelist. People would receive their deliverance before the altar call because the Word of the Lord was so rich in his belly.

With pastoral compassion and prophetic purpose, Prophet Sherbert willingly yields to the prophetic mantle placed on his life. As the Holy Spirit leads him to speak, revelatory words from God’s heart are delivered to those who need edification, exhortation and comfort. This has been proven as many prophesies spoken by Prophet Sherbert have come to fruition. Wayward children have returned home, relationships have been restored, addictions delivered, successful businesses started and churches erected as a result of the Word of the Lord spoken through the prophet.

As a pastor-teacher, Prophet Sherbert brings release and revelation to many through his lively, energetic preaching style. Unassuming at first glance, Prophet Sherbert surprises church leaders and layman alike with his powerful delivery and rousing exposition of the Word. Possessing attributes of both pastor and prophet—Prophet Sherbert desires to see believers grow spiritually and desires to see the church function according to the word of the Lord. His intense love for the Lord, fearless spirit and ability to tap into the very heart of God make him a memorable speaker.

With his love for God and lively preaching style, which can hold even the skeptics attention, Pastor Sherbert speaks and shares the heart of God with compassion and conviction.

For bookings, please email or call 240-545-KTOR (5867)

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